You can trust SUPERIOR to support your business year round.

• Onsite fueling for equipment of all sizes.

• Quality product, custom-blended for seasonal conditions.

Winter is on its way, we’ll rid your home of air polluting contaminates.

• EPA estimates home air pollution can be 5 times higher than outdoors.

• Minimize allergies and breath easy this winter.

Emergencies never occur when it’s convenient, SUPERIOR is here to take your call.

• Arrange for our 24 Hour Service coverage and never be left in the cold again.

• Keep your family warm and avoid freezing pipes.

Choose from our 3 Home Heating Service Plans that help reduce your costs.

• SUPERIOR inspects, adjusts, cleans, and replaces (if needed) burner controls for maximum comfort and efficiency.

• Oil Fired: Water Heaters, Furnaces, and Boilers.

In this economy every penny counts, SUPERIOR can customize your plan.

• 11-month budget system to help ease your fuel bill during the heating season.

• Call us for more details.


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